Spectra Filmless

The Exciting Case of the Vanishing Films

Welcome to the Filmless Era of Medical Imaging Solutions The world of medical imaging was revolving around films for almost a century, when the ...                                                                              
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Millennials and their health care expectations

Millennials And Health Care Expectations – The Harbinger of Revolution in Delivering Comprehensive Care

Millennials - the generation that grew up devouring the explosion of innovative technologies and the age-group that believes in finding answers on ...                                                                              
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Data security in health care

The Modern-Day Achilles Heel of Healthcare: Fighting Data Breach with Airtight Data Security

The healthcare landscape has undergone tremendous transformation, thanks to the technology-driven giant strides it has taken over the years. From ...                                                                              
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Mobile technology applications in health care

7 Key Focus Areas of Mobile Healthcare Applications

Welcome to the Era of Pocket-Sized Smart Care - Mobile technology applications in healthcare We live in a perennially mobile world, managing almost ...                                                                              
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Artificial Intelligence

6 Outstanding Applications of AI in Today’s Care Ecosystem

Behold the Magic of Intelligent Care Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) - the smart, cognitive devices of today's ...                                                                              
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Interoperability between Health System

Achieving Seamless Interoperability in Healthcare – from Concept to Reality

What can we achieve with seamless interoperability in healthcare? The era of digital healthcare is indeed revolutionizing the care landscape. Data- ...                                                                              
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How Laboratory Information System Helps in Tracking Samples Across Multi Centers

5 compelling reasons why automation is more than the much-advertised reduced need for manpower and time. Laboratory services is not just about ...                                                                              
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How To Choose Cost Effective And User-Friendly Laboratory Information System

7 tips on getting the perfect lab automation system for your laboratory So you have done your research on what changes automation will bring to ...                                                                              
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Tips to manage and run cloud based Laboratory Information System Effectively

5 Simple Tips to Manage And Run Cloud Based Laboratory Information System Effectively

Scale up laboratory operations effectively with these simple tips. You made a smart business move by automating your laboratory. Then you made a ...                                                                              
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6 Reasons Why NOT Having Your Server In-house is a Good Idea

Benefits of having cloud based laboratory information system. The myths surrounding data storage on Cloud are many. Most of us have preconceived ...                                                                              
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How automation can help your laboratory perform better

How Automation Can Help Your Laboratory Perform Better

Compelling reasons why using technology in your lab is the best way to scale performance charts. Automation has changed the way in which medical ...                                                                              
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Why Should You Automate Your Clinic

10 Compelling Reasons to Automate Your Clinic

Unearthing the tricks behind setting up a smart practice. There are thousands of clinics in a city however some of them are the absolute favorites ...                                                                              
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How Automation Can Improve Your Clinic Management

6 Ways How Automation Can Improve Your Clinic Management

How moving your processes to an automated platform helps & why you should consider it right away. To automate or not to automate is the big ...                                                                              
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Automation can help you to track your clinic effectively

How Automation Can Help You Track Your Clinic Effectively – Anytime, Anywhere

4 pointers on how automation helps you track your clinic operations. Decided to automate your clinic? Great decision! After all what better than ...                                                                              
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Why Do You Need a HIS

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Hospital Information System

The system primarily ensures discipline in managing and tracking operations which is invaluable The decision to automate your hospital processes ...                                                                              
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Tips to run your clinic profitabily

5 Uncommon Tips to Run Your Clinic Profitably

How to get your revenue clock ticking fast and steady. Good patient flow is the key to a profitable clinic is a fact that everyone in the ...                                                                              
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Advantages of a Hospital Information System

Advantages of a Hospital Information System

6 Reasons why HIS is a necessary change you need in your hospital. Why automate your hospital processes when your staff has the caliber and ...                                                                              
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Factors to consider while buying the best clinic management software

7 Important Factors To Consider While Buying Clinic Management Software

Choosing the right Clinic Management Software is anything but easy. However, it is one of the best decisions you will ever make that will help you ...                                                                              
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How to track and maintain your new and existing patients records effectively

4 Ways To Track And Maintain Your New And Existing Patients Records Effectively

Cracking the code to access and save the heart of medical care Medical records are undoubtedly the lifelines of medical care today. You don’t ...                                                                              
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Simple tips to manage your multi-centre clinics effectively

5 Simple Tips To Manage Your Multi-Center Clinics Effectively

A big part of being successful is to stay successful and improve various business metrics. If you manage a string of clinics spread ...                                                                              
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Why it is good to integrate your pharmacy with your practice management system

5 Reasons To Integrate Your Pharmacy With Your Practice Management System

Automating your clinic by implementing an efficient Practice Management System is undoubtedly the first step towards building a successful clinic ...                                                                              
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Key Features of a HIS

Key Features Of A Hospital Information System

7 features that are unique to HIS and essential to the hospital’s performance. Hospital Information System (HIS) brings along many features, some ...                                                                              
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What are the benefits of HMIS

5 Essential Points To Evaluate Before You Commit to Buying A HIS Software

Hospital Information System Evaluation Checklist. Hospital Information System (HIS) is critical to automating your hospital processes and ...                                                                              
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What are the benefits of HMIS

6 Reasons Why HMIS Should Be the Next Process Improvisation Measure at Your Hospital

The Benefits of a Hospital Management Information System. It is important to evaluate and understand the benefits of Hospital Management ...                                                                              
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HIS Assessment for Business

Hospital Information System Assessment For Business-Technology Compatibility

Evaluating HIS on 5 points for technology assisted business features. Hospital Information System (HIS) is no doubt the most sought after solution ...                                                                              
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Advantages of having your HIS on Cloud

Advantages of Having Your Hospital Information System on Cloud

Why not having your HIS on an in-house server is a better decision. Your Hospital Information System (HIS) comes with a lot of advantages but ...                                                                              
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improve pathology lab performance

6 Tips to Improve Pathology Lab Performance and Ensure Error Free Reporting

Tips and tricks to iron out all the inadequacies leading to errors in your lab reports. In the age of evidence-based medicine, laboratory reports ...                                                                              
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Things You Are Doing Wrong In Your Laboratory

6 Things You Are Doing Wrong In Your Laboratory

Among many things that you do right in your laboratory there are many that you don’t. In this post, we list down 6 things most laboratories are ...                                                                              
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Hosipital Information System Vendor

How To Select The Right Hospital Information System Vendor

Pointers on choosing the right HIS Vendor. Automation of your hospital processes is a daunting mission to undertake. While the hospital management ...                                                                              
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Benefits of a Lab Information System

9 Benefits of Lab Information System That Every Modern Pathology Lab Needs

Big Benefits of Using a Lab Information System / LIS Software. Laboratories have come a long way from being tucked away in a corner of a hospital ...                                                                              
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Marketing tips for hospital

8 Effective Marketing Tips for Your Hospital

Use these simple, cost effective marketing tips for your hospital to make it the preferred choice for patients. Hospital marketing is challenging ...                                                                              
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How to Eliminate Prescription Errors

4 Ways to Eliminate Prescription Errors

Simple things you can do right now to eliminate prescription errors. As practicing doctors, you may be aware that medical errors are extremely ...                                                                              
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Reduce your discharge delays

6 Things You Can Do Now To Reduce Your Discharge Delays Dramatically

Things you can implement right away to eliminate the bottlenecks in your discharge process and improve revenues. We understand that as the CXO of a ...                                                                              
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Ways to Make Your Staff IT Smart

6 Ways to Make Your Staff IT Smart

Inspiring your team to change habits to improve productivity and increase efficiency. Hospitals and Labs are so IT dependent and yet sometimes so ...                                                                              
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7 Surprising Ways in Which You are Losing Revenue in your Practice

Simple tips to stop doing things that is taking a bite out of your revenue. There are multiple ways to improve your revenues. Similarly there are ...                                                                              
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5 Ways to Get Higher Number of Walk-ins to Your Clinic

Top Marketing Tips to Improve your Practice. It is an incredible feeling to run your own practice, but it comes with its own stress. The pressure ...                                                                              
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7 Ways to Stop Revenue Leakage in Your Hospital

Instant fix to plug the drips affecting your profitability. Every hospital faces financial leakage in some form or the other which is a cause for ...                                                                              
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5 Ways to Improve Your Lab’s Turn Around Time Today

Ideas to improve the efficiency of your laboratory reports resulting in happier patients and increased revenues. Independent labs have made a name ...                                                                              
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How to Get Star Consultants to Choose Your Hospital

5 ways to get high revenue generating consultants to work in your hospital. Revenue is what keeps any successful business going and it is no ...                                                                              
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4 Things That Makes a Hospital Truly Great

We give you a list of the must-haves to get your hospital to be one of the top ones in your city. Looking at the working practices of the best ...                                                                              
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