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Empowering Professionals to Approve Reports from Anywhere

Now the doctor can spend more time away from the desk while increasing productivity. Empower pathologists to authorize investigations from anywhere with their mobile device.

Power of PathWorks

Approving large numbers of test results can be daunting, leading to long hours in the lab. PathWorks empowers pathologists and doctors to view and authorize patient test results with their handheld device anytime, anywhere. The approved report syncs with the LIS in real time and automatically generates reports to be shared with patients.

Why embrace PathWorks

  • Eases the workload and reduces the time pathologists spend in the lab.
  • Allows doctors to access patient information on the go and reduces the Turn Around Time (TAT) significantly allowing labs to process more patients.
  • Allows doctors to view past patient records and test reports for better understanding of patient’s ailment
  • Patient wait times reduce substantially so treatment can start immediately
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