We are a visionary healthcare information technology company that delivers next generation healthcare IT products to the market
Attune have designed three innovative software solutions Attune Health Kernel, Lab Kernel and Clinic Kernel. These help in managing your business better.
Attune products produces remarkable results to the company in terms of Financial, Technical and Managerial parameters. Fast and Efficient Customer Support
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Attune Health Kernel
Attune HealthKernel is a complete state of the art, secure & web-based solution for hospitals that integrates all its departments & branches even when they are are geographically distributed.
Attune Lab Kernel
Attune LabKernel is an advanced and contemporary software that combines all its collection centers, branches and partner network into a single platform to facilitate easy functioning.
Attune Clinic Kernel
Attune ClinicKernel is a path-breaking innovation for various clinics worldwide which integrates all the departments and branches irrespective of their geographical distance and distribution.

Our Clients Speak

After going through 80 different LIMS solutions and vendors (national as well as international), I made a confident choice with Attune as a vendor partner because the team has sound domain knowledge, suggested innovative solutions for every query raised, and most advanced IT technological skills. Under my leadership, I have engaged vendors for software solutions several times in my 25 years of career. However, today I feel most confident about my choice in form of Attune.
Dr. Nilesh Shah, COO of Metropolis

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