A Gift of Time for Doctors

If there was one thing any doctor would wish for, it would be more time. A doctor’s day is packed with consultations, in-patient visits during rounds, procedures, instructing nurses and assistants, coordinating and communicating with the hospital and a million other things where they are expected to weigh in. A big chunk of the doctor’s time is consumed in handling hundreds of calls, a sizeable portion of which is usually redundant with no specific way to delineate the critical ones from the rest.

While messaging platforms make collaborations easier, they are neither secure, nor designed for medical applications – which means, the doctor has to spend time typing out all instructions clearly and track them later to see if they were followed through.

Attune brings you the power of DoCoM – a tool designed by Doctors for Doctors to create seamless communication, offering timely inputs for better patient outcomes.

Get more out of your time

  • Hospital staff can now share images like X ray, ECG, clinical pictures (like a skin rash) and videos (like an angiogram) with a closed group of doctors.
  • Doctors can manage cases from anywhere and send instant replies with a single click using special buttons for standard responses (such as ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Call me’).
  • Doctors can plan for patient visits better with the notification system that alerts them when patients are moved between wards or taken for scans and tests.

Manage Communication

  • Seamless communication between different health workers involved in patient health decisions such as nutritionists, physiotherapists, staff and ward nurses giving doctors a complete picture.
  • Integrated completely with EMR to give the doctor a snapshot of patient history to create better treatment plans.
  • Promotes collaboration between multiple doctors and specialists on a patient case with patient based chat groups.
  • HIPAA compliant, ensuring high security and patient information confidentiality on a stable platform.

Maximize Efficiency

  • Get real time diagnostics with special alerts in case of emergency or abnormal values apart from regular notifications on patient activity, allowing immediate action.
  • Improve productivity of staff with our web portal that allows them to manage all doctor and patient information using customizable dashboards that facilitates sorting based on doctors, patients, departments and the communication mode.
  • Access communication mode compartmentalized into different groups such as discharge, procedures, tests, records etc. to give doctors a clear picture of patient progress in each bucket.
  • Eliminate delays in patient discharge. Trigger patient discharge procedures with a click and notify doctors at various stages of the discharge process.