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9 Benefits of Lab Information System That Every Modern Pathology Lab Needs

Benefits of a Lab Information System

Big Benefits of Using a Lab Information System / LIS Software.

Laboratories have come a long way from being tucked away in a corner of a hospital or being dependent on a couple of practitioners for their survival. Labs are now considered to being centers of excellence and one of the highest sources of revenue.

With the emergence of evidence based medicine, the importance of accurate diagnostic results in patient care is critical resulting in increased pressure on labs to perform efficiently.

It is a well-known fact that replacing human tasks with technology improves performance significantly especially in the area of healthcare and is responsible for fast gaining popularity of Lab Information Systems (LIS).

Here we look at the top 9 benefits of Lab Information System :

Track samples in real time

The Sample Workflow Manager in Lab Information Systems (LIS) automates the sample handling process as soon as the sample is collected and bar-coded, allowing the technician to track samples in real time.

Save time

One of the most time consuming process is the sample transfer that involves registering the samples to be sent out from the collection center and re-registering after receipt at the processing center. A strong Lab Information System will have a unique batchsheet-based sample tracking model, wherein a single bar code is assigned to an entire batch of samples being transferred to the processing center.

Focus on critical reports

Pathologists and doctors approving reports can save significant time with unique auto-authorization feature that automatically approves reports with normal values. Only reports that have abnormal values are sent for doctor’s authorization saving significant workload and time.

Manage logistics efficiently

The efficient logistics management solution in LIS assigns unique barcodes to each sample and notifies the processing centers as soon as the samples are registered at the collection center, making it possible to allocate resources, reagents and material even before the samples reach the processing center.

Eliminate human error

Labs can exponentially improve efficiency by integrating lab equipment and devices on a single secure platform. This allows data to automatically transfer from the device to the Lab Information System, eliminating laborious manual effort, saving time and reducing human error.

Save lives

Every minute is precious when it comes to handling test reports indicating values that pose a threat to a patient’s life. A good LIS includes a unique panic alert solution that allows the system to send an automated alert to the referring physician. This allows the doctor to take action on their critical patients immediately, serving as a lifesaving function.

Increase revenue

Powerful MIS dashboards make financial, operational, inventory, test and lab based reports available in custom formats. An effective lab information system helps lab owners mine data, crunch numbers, create trends and projections to track metrics and maximize revenues.

End pilferage and unnecessary spending

Advanced inventory module can help automate purchase through predictive reordering and expiration alerts. This will help end pilferages, eliminate wastages and cut unnecessary costs.

Scale business quickly

Growing lab business becomes simple with Lab Information Systems (LIS). With Cloud-based LIS, opening collection and processing centers becomes easy, taking only a few hours when the master data is available. Lab owners can manage all the centers on a single, secure platform while they function independently.

Be it error free reports, speedy results, better lab management and utility of consumables, benefits of lab information system cannot be overemphasized. Embrace LIS to expand your business, process more samples, and increase your revenues dramatically.

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