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Maximize RoI in Imaging Equipment, Supporting Infrastructure & Operational Resources

For Hospital & Imaging Centers

Maximize Cost Reduction No film & report printing, no packaging, no CD burning, storage & distribution .

Increase Throughput Better utilization of resources productivity.

Digital & Green Environment Ensures government regulations and helps environment go green. Avoid non-biodegradable material and go Film-less & paperless.

Share Images & Reports Electronically & securely with Patients and Clinicians.

Facilitate Radiologists To give Preliminary reports anytime, anywhere.

Provide Convenience with better quality of healthcare services.

For Clinicians

Access Patient Records quickly through doctor app on the Web, Tablet or Mobile.

Accurate Diagnosis by viewing the complete set of images.

Reduce Medical Error and provides safer care.

Access & Efficiency Prescribe reliably & safer.

More Coordinated Carebetter quality of healthcare delivery

For Patients

Reduced Waiting Times to collect film & reports.

Provide Convenience Save cost of second visit to collect reports. No storage & carrying of films/reports/CDs.

Accurate & Up-To-Date patient information.

Walk away with Nothing but still have access to information.

Simplified Sharing to get a second opinion or share with caregivers.

Download & Store images & reports digitally for future access.

Case Studies

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