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Attune Spectra Maestro

Maximize RoI in Imaging Equipment, Supporting Infrastructure & Operational Resources.

Medical imaging industry today faces a multiple information challenges. Due to different systems (EMR, PACS, VNA, HIS), workflow is fragmented. The unnecessary image movement creates a heavy load on servers and since image travels through a convoluted path from source to destination, it creates congestion in local network. The HIS/HMS systems are unaware of equipment capability and fail to communicate scheduled orders with the modalities. Also, manual data entry is time consuming and prone to human error. And, the fact of the matter is that traditional storage methods are bulky, unreliable, high on maintenance and prone to failure.

The Attune Spectra Maestro helps you

  • Image Routing
  • Image Scheduling
  • Image On-Prem/Cloud
  • Image Management

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Best Part? It’s on Cloud, which means no need for expensive servers, hardware or additional resources. You can implement Attune Spectra Maestro with just a PC and Internet connection

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