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12 Apr 2017
Features of Attune Neonatal Infographic

Key Features of Attune Antenatal Solution

Features of Attune Neonatal Infographic

Key Features of Attune Antenatal Solution

  • Ability to capture labor and delivery notes pertaining to child births with APGAR scores
  • Ability to transfer the baby alone to a separate ICU / NICU while the mother is still in the ward
  • Ability to discharge mother separately while newborn is still undergoing treatment
  • Newborn automatically registered as new patient and unique MRN [Medical Record Number] generated
  • Neonatal notes and discharge summary for the new born
  • Stillborn cases registered, in inactive status, part of delivery notes
10 Apr 2017
Attune LIS Billing & Registration Infographic

Attune Lab Information System – Billing & Registration

Attune LIS Billing & Registration Infographic

Billing & Registration


  • Supports all business modules – Credit, Cash, Insurance, Home Collection
  • Unique patient identification system
  • Seamless data sharing
  • Access to patient’s past reports and complete medical history from any location
  • Remote and de-centralized registrations that reduces sample accession time
  • Configurable preprinted barcode/Auto generated barcode
  • STAT/Urgent tests management


Finance & Admin

  • Multiple rate card to support different business modules
  • Credit and advance payment module with threshold amount alerts
  • Supports multi currency and multiple mode of payment
  • Ability to manage multi discount policy along with coupons/redeems
  • Track outstanding payments from non-insurance and insurance clients
  • Track patients’ dues and capture payments
  • Write-off, capture part payments, bulk payments


Quality & Sample

  • Organize flow of samples across geographies by tracking unit ID per journey
  • TAT programmed to include sample processing and transfer time
  • Sample quality analysis with aliquoting provisions
  • Track samples and chain of custody
  • Ability to make batch transfers and batch receipts thereby reducing manual efforts



06 Apr 2017
Attune Analytical System Infographic

Attune Lab Information System – Analytical System

Key Features of Attune Lab information System

Attune Lab Information System – Analytical System

Device Integration

  • Strong interfacing capabilities for routine and special instruments
  • Unidirectional and Bidirectional integration
  • Capture instrument error data and transfer to LIMS
  • Transfer samples adhoc to different centers for processing in case of instrument failure
  • Track realtime reagent consumption efficiently
  • Central device monitoring & control system

Result Completion

  • Different types of worklist (Test, Analyzer, Department, Protocol)
  • Batch or bulk mode of result acceptance
  • Availability of reference range, domain range & critical range. All ranges can be defined on basis of age, gender, source etc
  • Rules based validation to enhance quality of reporting
  • Aids in clinical decision support, formula calculation, test result based remarks interpretation, error description capturing from device
  • Seamless communication and automatic workflow for rerun, reflex and recollection of samples

Result Validation

  • Auto authorization helps reduce manual work and possibility of manual errors
  • Access to multiple report formats – result with graphs, images and trends
  • Immediate availability of results for approval
  • Allows doctors to view past patient records and test reports for better patient outcomes
  • Connecting doctors across different centers for co-authorization
  • Allows doctors to access patient information on the go and reduces the Turn Around Time (TAT) thereby allowing labs to process more samples
28 Mar 2017

Key Modules of Attune Lab information System


Key Modules of Attune Lab information System

Attune Lab Information System helps manage complex workflow, store and analyze different dataset, promote multi center collaboration, scale collection centers, branches & partner networks, ensure regulatory compliance, and offer quick turn-around time (TAT) with custom designed reports for your patients.

With Attune LIS, you can automate your center in a matter of minutes and get accurate results in the shortest possible duration.

  • Central Device Monitor
  • Lab Decision Support System
  • Ancillary Analytical Workflows
  • Pathologist Authorization
  • Sample Storage and Archival
  • Inventory Consumption & Reagent Tracking
  • System Administration Controls
  • Management Information System Reports
  • Sample Registration
  • Lab Cash & Credit Billing
  • Client Management, Invoicing & Credit Control
  • Pre-analytical Sample Tracking
  • Home Collection
  • Analytical Workflow
  • Device Interfacing
  • Report Printing and Dispatch


23 Mar 2017

Key Modules of Attune Hospital Information System


Key Modules of Attune Hospital Information System

The Attune Hospital Information System offers you the operational visibility that can take you from running a hospital to running a hospital profitably. Only Attune HIS integrates all your departments – from pharmacies and diagnostic labs to imaging units spread across different geographic locations giving you a holistic look of your business.

  • Patient Registration
  • Insurance & TPA Billing, Credit Tracking
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Patient Referral
  • Pharmacy Information System
  • Radiology Information System
  • Accident and Emergency Care
  • In-patient Management
  • Operation Theater Management
  • Central Sterile Supply Department Tracking
  • In-patient Diet & Kitchen Tracking
  • MIS Reports
  • OP, IP, Day Care & Surgery Billing
  • Doctor Scheduling & Appointments
  • SOAP Notes & EMR
  • E-prescription
  • Lab Information System
  • Integration with PACS
  • Day Care Management
  • Nursing Care & Ward Management
  • Purchase and Inventory Management
  • Linen & Laundry Management
  • Creche Management
  • System Administration Controls
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