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Attune Lab Information System – Billing & Registration

Attune LIS Billing & Registration Infographic

Billing & Registration


  • Supports all business modules – Credit, Cash, Insurance, Home Collection
  • Unique patient identification system
  • Seamless data sharing
  • Access to patient’s past reports and complete medical history from any location
  • Remote and de-centralized registrations that reduces sample accession time
  • Configurable preprinted barcode/Auto generated barcode
  • STAT/Urgent tests management


Finance & Admin

  • Multiple rate card to support different business modules
  • Credit and advance payment module with threshold amount alerts
  • Supports multi currency and multiple mode of payment
  • Ability to manage multi discount policy along with coupons/redeems
  • Track outstanding payments from non-insurance and insurance clients
  • Track patients’ dues and capture payments
  • Write-off, capture part payments, bulk payments


Quality & Sample

  • Organize flow of samples across geographies by tracking unit ID per journey
  • TAT programmed to include sample processing and transfer time
  • Sample quality analysis with aliquoting provisions
  • Track samples and chain of custody
  • Ability to make batch transfers and batch receipts thereby reducing manual efforts



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