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06 Feb 2017
Ophthalmology Infographic

The Automated Eye Clinic – Attune Advantage

Ophthalmology Infographic

The Power of Automated Eye Clinic

  • Refractive Error Evaluation
  • Glass, Contact Lens Rx
  • Flexible Surgical Packaging and Follow-ups
  • Counseling and Medico-Legal Docs
  • Multi-Clinic Aggregate Dashboards
  • Opticals, Booking and Pharmacy
06 Feb 2017
Attune LIS

Simplify Complexities in Your Lab

Attune LIS

Attune Lab Information System

  • Manage Complex Workflow
  • Scale Collection Centres
  • Promote Multi Center Collaboration
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Quick and Custom Designed Reports
  • Store and Analyze Different Dataset
  • Branches & Partner Network
  • Access you files On-The-Go
06 Feb 2017
Consignment Infographic

Consignment Management – Stents, Pacemakers, Devices, Ortho Implants

Consignment Infographic

Efficient Consignment Management

  1. Track consigned High Value Stocks without purchase orders
  2. Automated purchase orders and patient billing only after usage
  3. No Expenditure or Tax account duplication
  4. Cap limit on repetitive usage
  5. Integrated with stores, CCSD, OT Labs
  6. Administration – Controlled workflow
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