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Mohanaraj Paramagurusamy - Founding Member & Business Development

Mohanaraj is the founding member and Head of Business Development at Attune and has over 20 years of experience in leading large technology projects.

Mohan has been associated with reputed organizations such as Alcatel-Lucent and British Telecom in his previous assignments. At Alcatel-Lucent, the global communications solutions provider, Mohan worked extensively on fiber-optic technology, while as an engineer for British Telecom, he worked closely on rapidly advancing telecommunication and broadband technology related projects. He has an in-depth knowledge of web based innovations as well as the advanced workings of national IT infrastructure. Mohan is a serial entrepreneur and has dabbled in multiple start-ups in varied industries.

At Attune Mohan brings in his client management expertise and skills and is responsible for spearheading business development efforts specifically with large organizations and Ministry of Health of various countries across the globe.

Mohan has a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Kingston University, London.

Mohan is passionate about philanthropy and works closely for causes related to education and children. He is an athlete and loves to play cricket and football.

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