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Why Attune


We Are All In It Together

Our strength lies with our people. We believe in treating our teams as we would expect them to treat our customers – with humility and respect. At Attune, we maintain an open culture that fosters an entrepreneurial mindset, risk taking and innovation.

We believe in continuous learning and have ongoing internal training programs and certifications ensuring personal and professional growth for our employees.

Designed by Doctors, Developed by Experts

We strongly believe that the problems of healthcare professionals are best understood by those who have experience in the healthcare domain. That is why, unlike traditional technology companies Attune brings together a strong team of clinical and medical professionals working alongside the IT specialists to create innovative products for hospitals, labs and clinics.

Movers & Shakers

Attune has a strong management team leading the company and mentoring employees. The senior executives come from cross-functional backgrounds with high levels of academic accomplishment and domain expertise. These highly qualified professionals encourage teams to push the envelope and aim for more.


We’ve Got Your Back

Attune’s strength lies in its ability to support its customers 24×7. Our dedicated Customer Success team comprising of specialists, who work relentlessly round the clock to ensure the success of our customers and support them to achieve their business goals. You will find that our customers are very vocal about our dedicated implementation and support teams and volunteer to speak about our processes in industry forums.

On Top of the World. Bringing you the Best from Around the World

As we spread our wings and our operations to different parts of the world, we are constantly learning and documenting the best practices. Our geographic spread helps us bring in best practices from around the world that adds to making our products and services more robust and reliable.

Towing the Line. Products built with Industry Compliance Standards

We constantly worry about meeting national and international compliance standards so that you won’t have to. Our products have regulatory compliance and standards built into them, so compliance is the last thing you will have to worry about. We meet various international compliance standards such as  NABL/NABH/CAP/JCI/HL7/HIPAA


We Are On Cloud

Attune is one the early adopters of Cloud technology and therefore enjoys the inherent first mover advantage in the healthcare IT space.  Our product architecture is designed to support the healthcare ecosystem, right from a single clinic to national health projects spread across multiple regions and provinces. The Attune Cloud platform supports multi-tenancy allowing easy scalability and multi center management from anywhere, anytime.

Offering the Gift of Time to Doctors and Medical Professionals

Attune’s suite of mobility solutions allows doctors and healthcare professionals to collaborate and take decisions with speed and accuracy on the go, saving significant time and lives by taking timely calls on patient treatment plans and decisions.

Talk to Me. Device Integration with Internet of Things

Our Middleware solutions help integration of medical devices, lab analyzers thereby saving significant time, improving TAT metrics and eliminating human error from the equation. We are committed to offering high quality of products by creating an Internet of Things.

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