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Improve Productivity and Maximize Revenue

Schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments: Attune’s calendars facilitate scheduling and tracking of all your patient appointments by consultant, treatment, center, and even equipment. View and update appointment confirmations, or let our auto e-mail confirmation tool take care of that for you. Access the most efficient and fastest scheduling tool on the go and improve your operational efficiency exponentially.

Treat more patients: Use our simple, intuitive patient dashboard to get a quick snapshot of the case progress and patient data. View patient medical history, key vital trends, treatment plans, investigations, test reports on a single screen and get critical information needed at a glance. Save significant time during consultation leading to improved outcomes.

Identify what brings in the highest revenue: Attune’s powerful MIS dashboards make financial, operational, inventory, clinical and treatment based reports available in custom formats.   This tool helps you mine data, crunch numbers, create trends and projections. Track the metrics most important for your business using our custom dashboards with intuitive visualization to identify the processes that maximize revenues.

Put an end to pilferages and unnecessary spending:  Spend less time worrying over procurement logistics and resource depletion. Attune’s advanced inventory module helps automate purchase through predictive reordering and expiration alerts. You can now remove pilferages, eliminate wastages and cut unnecessary costs.

Reduce effort on material allocation for each treatment: Attune’s predefined and custom defined kits automate and monitor the material to be used for each procedure. This helps maintain schedules and track inventory consumed during the course of the treatment. The ambiguity over material usage will now be a thing of the past.

Save time on resource allocation with automation: Managing the responsibilities of staff and ensuring they follow through can be time consuming. Attune HIS allows you to assign tasks electronically with comprehensive instructions and details. Automate the assignment and tracking of these tasks and save substantial time. Put an end to pilferages and unnecessary spending: You can now end pilferages, eliminate wastages and cut unnecessary costs.

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