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We maintain an open culture that fosters an entrepreneurial mindset, risk taking and innovation


We are constantly learning, documenting and implementing the best practices from our operations around the world


Our Cloud platform supports the entire healthcare ecosystem, right from a single clinic to national health projects spread across multiple regions and provinces













Our Customers

“After going through 80 different LIMS solutions and vendors (national as well as international), I made a confident choice with Attune as a vendor partner because the team has sound domain knowledge, suggested innovative solutions for every query raised, and most advanced IT technological skills. Under my leadership, I have engaged vendors for software solutions several times in my 25 years of career. However, today I feel most confident about my choice in form of Attune.”

“When you scale exponentially, there are many things that can go awry. However, Attune’s LIMS turned out to be just great and we scaled our business adding centers in quick succession. I’m happy to say that with Attune, we are now able to set up a new center successfully with the flick of a switch in a matter of minutes.”

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Attune team. I think of myself as a demanding customer who needs perfection and Attune delivered it. They customized the software to the unique needs of our service and were able to meet our requirements. It is also a big advantage having the system cloud based, so I did not need to invest in expensive hardware or a server. The team is extremely helpful and available 24X7. I highly recommend this system as it has met and exceeded my expectations.”

“The best thing about Attune’s LIMS is that it frees up the pathologist’s time significantly. Being a doctor & owner of a lab my challenges were primarily about the time it takes to go back and forth to the lab when approving abnormal values in a report with me working really long hours everyday. Since we implemented Attune, I’m able to approve reports really fast no matter what time of day or night, from the comfort of my home. This is the best gift I could ask for – the gift of time.”

Users got trained very quickly and found it very simple to operate from Action-Dashboards available in ClaimBook.

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