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Save Time, Maximize Efficiency and Eliminate Errors

Save Time

Automate the entire workflow: Your lab technicians handle innumerable samples everyday. They enter information, run tests, enter results from the machine, manually check for errors in each test, rerun when required, generate reports and send the results to the patients. With Attune Middleware, the cumbersome process of manually entering data and re-checking abnormal values will be a thing of past. Your entire workflow will get completely automated and all your technician will have to do is feed the samples in, and let the machine take care of the rest. Save significant time and use your resources more effectively.

Process entire batches at once: One of the most time consuming steps in processing samples is tracking the progress of each sample and reviewing long lists to check for values outside the normal range. Attune Middleware offers a unique batchsheet-based model, wherein samples are processed in batches and abnormal values are flagged, slashing the turn around time.

Focus on more critical cases: Pathologists and technicians analyzing the samples can save significant time post-processing with the unique sample routing system that automatically sorts the samples and gives results immediately on whether to rerun, recollect, reject or archive the samples, allowing immediate action and thereby ensuring your team focuses on cases that are more critical.

Prioritize samples in every batch: Tracking samples and identifying which samples are to be processed or which tests are to be run first can be laborious. With Attune’s Middleware Solution you can now determine the right set of sample be processed with our one of a kind sample chain of custody feature.  This system will provide you the order of priority for processing and analyzing in a given batch of samples thereby improving the TAT significantly, making critical patient care quick and more effective

Maximize Efficiency

Integrate devices on a single platform and get control:  Managing the devices and instruments in the lab can be a time consuming process. However, connecting all the devices through Middleware will allow a single communication channel with the LIS, which will provide easy access to all data and real time control of all actions, resulting in increased productivity.

Take the right call: Along with the test results, Attune’s Middleware helps provide critical information such as equipment downtime and reagent usage, raising a flag if the quality is compromised. This in turn helps create Decision Support Systems (DSS) for optimizing analyzer usage thereby cutting down reagent costs, monitoring TAT and increasing efficiency, leading to improved outcomes.

Monitor your entire lab from anywhere: Monitor all your analyzers from the comfort of your workstation using Control Management System. Keep a check on power consumption and reagent costs by controlling analyzers from your work desk. It’s that simple.

Eliminate Error

Put an end to inconsistencies in data: One of your primary challenges is the variations in the values from devices themselves. To put an end to this inconsistency in data, Attune’s Middleware provides conditionally driven normalization based on scientific principles to deliver accurate values. No more confusion.

Remove human error: Removing human error from the equation is key to getting accurate values. To do just that, we have designed a superior automation solution that allows devices to transfer data directly to the system, eliminating the manual process. This not only provides accurate and reliable patient data, but also offers you true peace of mind and better care for your patients.

Avoid sample wastage by resolving errors beforehand: Now save more time and samples with our instant alert solution. Our intelligent solution helps you identify errors in the system in advance through a validation logic and sends you an instant alert. So, you end up not only saving precious samples, but also a significant amount of time in identifying and solving the systemic issue.

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