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Connecting Healthcare Providers, Payers & Beneficiaries

ClaimBook - For Hospitals

A portal that makes it effortless to get first-time-right claim submissions. It automates data gathering from hospital systems and provides revenue collection & TPA performance reports. For insurance companies, it eliminates multiple queries, responses and creates digitized ICD-10 compliant data too.

ClaimHub - For Healthcare Payers

Insurance companies benefit by having controls for efficient adjudication and driving operational improvements. Also incentivizes hospitals to use best practices in billing & treatment protocols.

TPAs benefit by getting consistent & compliant decisions each time; an improvement that significantly reduces claim costs.

ANALYTICS - For Everyone

Hospitals can reduce write-offs by better managing credit-risk denials. Revenue realization is also improved through faster collections and leaks are plugged.

Insurers’ fraud detection goes up, reducing losses. Diseases can be predicted earlier and prevented and underwriting risks drop with provider ratings.

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