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Atul Badwe - Regional Director & Head Sales, Thailand

Atul is Head of Sales for Thailand at Attune and has over 28 years of experience in relationship marketing, logistics, customer service & development and implementation of international quality systems related to marketing support activities.

Atul has been involved in marketing of petrochemicals in ASEAN region during his stint with TPT Petrochemicals. At TPT, Atul was responsible for global marketing and market development as head of Marketing and Sales. He was responsible for setting up and growing the business to develop niche markets for specialized products.

Currently, Atul heads the sales function for Thailand at Attune and is responsible for driving business and customer engagement.

Atul has a degree in Engineering and MBA in Marketing with specialization in International Marketing from Symbiosis. He has been trained in Organizational Quality Systems for developing and implementing Quality Management System across the organization.

Atul has interests in writing, travelling and directing plays.

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