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Vijayaraghavan TV - Solution Architect

Vijay is a Sr. VP, Technology & Architecture with Attune and has over 18 years of experience in ERP and Healthcare technology stack.

Vijay started his career with Ramco Systems and moved to UK based Healthcare Software development pioneer iSoft for his next assignment. At iSoft Vijay worked in various roles and responsibilities and was one of the core members of the initial ‘LORENZO’ design and development. Vijay then joined Attune during the organization’s founding days.

At Attune, Vijay is responsible for product architecture, design and deployment with specific focus on enterprise customers and large scale deployment.

Vijay has a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a MCA from Bharatidasan University.

Vijay is a quiz enthusiast and loves to play cricket. He has keen interest in social media and loves to share his views with his followers.

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