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Mr. Ravindran Govindan - Chairman

Mr. Govindan studied law at the University of Singapore and practiced as a solicitor in the supreme court of Singapore. Throughout the years, he diversified into various business interests. As a serial entrepreneur, he co-founded numerous businesses in markets including Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Australia and others.

Mr. Govindan is the Chairman of Mercatus Capital, a private equity venture firm specializing in the emerging technologies, biotechnology, IT, retail and energy industry. With an eye to spot talent and a will to make every business he engages in succeed, Mr. Govindan spends his time managing operations of his portfolio companies and assist the management in developing strategic acquisition programs and revenue enhancement initiatives. Along the years, he gained a reputation for his unlimited passion, fierce competitiveness and extraordinary business foresight.

Besides having strong entrepreneurial skills and well-established business network, Mr. Govindan also provides legal and business consultancy to private and public enterprises, financial institutions and highly influential individuals in this region. He was involved in several large scaled acquisitions both in public and private enterprises, such as the privatization of Myanmar Airlines. Formerly the Group President of Fisher Scientific in the Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Govindan continues to provide strategic advice on Asia Pacific Region for Latona Associates Inc, a private investment and financial advisory firm based in New York.

He is perpetually trying to uncover new refreshing ideas to inspire and improve businesses.

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