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Harish Sivaraman - Sr. VP, Projects & Implementation

Harish Sivaraman is the Senior Vice President of Projects & Implementation in Attune Technologies and has over 20 years of experience in building business IT Systems for emerging markets.

Harish has been associated with emerging brands like Medall Healthcare, Merrill, Lason & Vetri Software in the past and his expertise lies in creating highly distributed IT systems on scale. Prior to joining Attune, Harish was the CTO & Senior Vice President of Medall Healthcare where he was responsible for complete IT strategy and scaling up IT systems to over 400 centres. Harish was also responsible for running the P&L for the region. With Merrill Technology Services, Harish was responsible for grounds up IT for operations in India.

At Attune, Harish is responsible for the customization and implementation of all projects globally.

Harish is a computer science graduate from University of Madras.

Harish is an avid cricketer and loves to listen to Carnatic music.

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