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HIS Solutions for Antenatal Care

The tender care required for expectant mothers and the newborn is a whole other ball game. The unique clinical and procedural requirements for Ob-Gyn specialty hospitals require special attention with thorough understanding of the workflow and patient care.

The Attune HIS for Ob-Gyn specialty hospitals has been designed by doctors who understand the needs of obstetrics and gynecology. The software is developed to efficiently manage the needs of those attending to the wellness of women, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care. This Ob-Gyn solution enables healthcare enterprises, both large and small, to deliver top-notch care and attention without the distraction of cumbersome paperwork.

Attune HIS helps Ob-Gyn specialty hospitals provide high quality personalized patient care. You can now document antenatal history and diagnostic findings, perform detailed clinical diagnosis, book follow up examinations and do much more with just a few clicks.  The role-based dashboards offer a one-stop view of all the information you require and the tasks that needs your attention at the right time with intelligent reminders.

Our modular solutions and configurable workflows can be customized to suit your requirements so you can track the parameters that matter the most to you.

Best Part? It’s on Cloud, which means no need for expensive servers, hardware or additional resources. You can implement Attune HIS with just a PC and Internet connection.

HIS for Antenatal Care - Workflow

Case Studies

HIS for Antenatal Care - Workflow
HIS for Antenatal Care – Workflow
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