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5 Ways to Get Higher Number of Walk-ins to Your Clinic


Top Marketing Tips to Improve your Practice.

It is an incredible feeling to run your own practice, but it comes with its own stress. The pressure to generate more revenue, treat more patients and attain greater presence in your circles is really high. We understand what it means to keep thinking of innovative ways to popularize your practice and spread the word without being too much of a marketer.

While you already are doing great work, offering enhanced patient care, implementing all the right practices and marketing the traditional way, you also know that will not change much – it will not take you flying ahead to beat the competition as they are also doing the same, maybe even better.

We have been studying how some clinics are successfully able to attract more patients than others, and we have come up with 5 marketing tips for you.

1.Get Yourself on Various Directories

There are several service directories which showcase doctors and their services. From the traditional ones like Yellow Pages to the recent online directories like,, and, these handbooks list the details of your practices and what you have to offer. These websites are very popular and listing your practice on them with positive feedback from your patients will list you right at the top of any google search, which is what potential consumers do whenever they want to search for anything.

2.Use Social Media Well

The world is on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the likes are the virtual places where you can reach to create brand awareness with potential customers as well as attract good talent. Appearing on social newsfeeds often will go a long way in keeping you in the mind of the users. Interesting posts keep people interested. And people remember useful tips and their source.

3.Invest on Building a Network

Spend time meeting your colleagues and build a good rapport with them. Community meet-ups and events are some of the best places to build a strong professional network as well as to impress the community about your existence as a brand. These also present great situations for you to highlight your skills and achievements. Be ready to talk about your cases and the exemplary work you are doing.

4.Network with Allied Services Professionals

Do limit your networking only to your fraternity. Reach out to other healthcare professionals too. Complete medical care to patients does not only involve doctors. It involves other stakeholders – pharmacists, physiotherapists, counselors, pathologists and many others. Depending on your specialty, network with professionals in allied medical services and form a team – a mutually referring well-established team.

5.Develop Your Presence

Coming in the morning to your clinic, treating patients the whole day and going back home in the evening will develop your social presence. But this is an extremely slow process and might take many years for people to take notice of your practice. There are other avenues you could explore.

Write for your local newspapers, contribute articles to websites that provide content on your area of expertise, connect with your local radio and let them know that you are available for expert opinions or even call-in health shows or write for healthcare magazines. Basically, don’t wait for anyone to notice you and ask you for opinion or contribution. Step forward and offer. This will give you a lot of reach and of course patients too.

Implementing these steps will put you on the map and give a public presence to your practice. Further, streamlining your operations through automation will go a long way in enhancing patient care, allowing you to be recognized for your outstanding service.

Try these simple marketing tips and let us know what worked best for you.

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