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5 Uncommon Tips to Run Your Clinic Profitably

Tips to run your clinic profitabily

How to get your revenue clock ticking fast and steady.

Good patient flow is the key to a profitable clinic is a fact that everyone in the business knows. Apart from great patient care and positive word of mouth, you need to follow basic marketing principals and strategies to create awareness about your clinic. However, there are other things that you could do to help your patient walk-ins going.

Let us give you a different approach. Here we give you 5 tips, which are aimed at increasing your clinic’s profitability but not the common way. Read on:

1. Customer Delight Is Not Just For eCommerce Sites

Your patient is undoubtedly the most important person walking into your premises and she needs to be taken utmost care of. Care that is beyond the medical care that is expected. Her impressions about you and your clinic begins with your reception desk. Ensure that the patient doesn’t feel the wait and offer a comfortable experience for her. Keep the clinic’s lobby supplied with drinking water facility, reading material, television and soothing interiors. This coupled with warm, empathetic and helpful behavior of your staff and good medical prowess exhibited by you will be a recommendable patient experience that the patient will voluntarily share with friends and family.

2. Use IT To Schedule

Waiting at a clinic is the most irksome experience for a patient and more so for the attendants who accompany them. The best way to delight a patient is by reducing the waiting time at your clinic.

Poor scheduling of appointments not just means that your patients will have a not-so-pleasant experience but also that you will lose out on the number of patients that could have been accommodated in the day. And not to mention the potential patients that you will lose out on the ‘high waiting time’ feedback your current patients will give. Using a good IT solution to schedule your appointments will help you communicate to your patients when exactly to come and will also help you accommodate walk-ins in a much smoother manner for vacant slots as well as missed/ did not turn up ones. Smoother operations will mean better patient experience, which unquestionably equals to higher revenues.

3. Network with Allied Services Professionals

Do not just network in your fraternity. Seek unexplored pastures. Complete medical care to patients does not only involve a doctor. It involves many others – Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Counselors, Pathologists and many others. Depending on your specialty, network with professionals in allied medical services and form a team. A team that is well networked can support each other with references.

4. Become a Point of Offer

In your marketing campaigns, offer. Create consumers for your service by offering something unique. Offer free checkups, offer to analyze the reports, offer advice. In a health conscious environment that we currently have, offer better health. This will help people experience the professionalism and care given by your clinic and the doctors and will certainly help them remember your clinic at a time when they might need it.

5. Automate and Have Central Control

You need to be in the know how of how things are working at every corner in your clinic. While delegation is certainly important, however central control is essential. Reports are the best form of control possible without being physically present at all times, everywhere. Since you don’t have a lot of time to spare for administrative concerns, you must get a process going to ensure you get real time clinical and operational information. Get an automation solution as per the requirements of your clinic and train yourself to understand what the numbers spell out. This will be an investment that will truly help you monitor, control and scale your operations.

Get started on your marketing plan and include some of these tips to get the returns that you truly deserve for the time, investment and effort you spend on making your practice a success.

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