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4 Things That Makes a Hospital Truly Great


We give you a list of the must-haves to get your hospital to be one of the top ones in your city.

Looking at the working practices of the best hospitals in the business, we bring you a list of 4 defining traits that all great hospitals around the world have. Do a comparison check. How many does your hospital have?

1. A Culture of Excellence

Hospitals are complex machineries run by human minds and hands. And is natural for human errors to creep in sometimes. While the medical team at an average hospital will stand pointing fingers to each other, the administration, the processes, even at the pharmacy or the equipment, the team at a great hospital will want to face a medical audit and concentrate on its findings. There would be no penalty or suspensions by the management since the culture of excellence is so deeply embedded that the clinical team would want to dissect the error, do a root cause analysis and change practices if need be. Foster this culture of excellence in your hospital and inspire your team to put their best foot forward at all times.

2. Efficient and Empathetic Nursing Staff

The nursing staff are typically the largest group of caregivers in a hospital. Consultants or junior doctors meet a patient maybe twice or thrice a day but the regular banter between a patient and a nurse is what makes all the difference to her experience in a hospital. An efficient nurse would provide the correct care and an empathetic one will give the patient all the mental soothing she needs. Imagine what the combination can do. Focus and spend time and effort on recruiting and retaining nurses with these qualities. It will be worth every penny you invest. Further, providing them with an effective software solution will maximize their productivity and improve the efficiency of your operations.

3. Timely Communication

This is the key to the success of any relationship including the one between a patient and a hospital. Delay in medication arrival to delay in sample collection to minor human errors, everything can be handled with timely and effective communication. What the patient and most importantly her anxious attendants want is communication. Communication about the health status of the patient, communication about the tests, the treatment and the costing. Automating your hospital system will eliminate delays in communication and improve the operational efficiency, which directly results in enhanced patient care and improved outcomes. This will not just reflect on the service you provide and the reputation of your hospital, it will go a long way in patient satisfaction.

4. Transparent Pricing

A very common practice among patient attendants in India, is requesting a discount on the final bill. This is one of the main reasons why people go looking for a connection within the management or the hospital. This behavior comes from the psychological impact of not being aware of the pricing for each procedure or test conducted on the patient and also the social belief that hospitals overcharge as no one sees what they are charging for. Transparency in pricing coupled with timely communication can put an end to this social behavior and lead to a satisfied patient base that is not going to call you an overcharging hospital. While no one minds paying the right price, everyone dislikes feeling that they have been overcharged. Hospitals have achieved this, yours can too.

There could be 20 other things that you can change in your hospital depending on your market and internal dynamics but make sure that these 4 are there. They are the must-haves.

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