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Empower your Healthcare Professionals with Information on the go

Patients need care long after they have left the hospital premises to heal at the comfort of their home. There are a variety of caregivers who provide long-term care for patient recovery and it is critical to give them all the information and tools they need to monitor patient health and provide effective treatment. Providing high quality long term care is a challenge without the availability of the right information at the right time ensuring treatment continuity.

Attune’s suite of home health solutions empowers doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and phlebotomists with the right information when they need it the most – at their patient’s home. The information recorded on your mobile device syncs with the hospital or lab information system seamlessly in real time, helping eliminate human error, maximizing productivity and saving significant time.

Access complete patient history, monitor progress, record examination details, create treatment plans, manage schedules and empower your professionals with crucial patient information on the go with Attune’s Home Health Solutions.

Best Part? It’s on Cloud, which means no need for expensive servers, hardware or additional resources. You can implement Attune HIS with just a PC and Internet connection

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